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Sudan is a vast country, about one-third of the total area of Africa, which is characterized by the broad diversity in the soil and multiple in climates from the desert in the north to the tropical climate in the south and refracted number of rivers and included in the rain and a large of groundwater, which led to the diversity and ecological-environmental consequence, in many of the uses and production methods and type crop.

With regard to organic agriculture, Sudan’s long history and its many generations pass compatible and integrated with the systems of organic agriculture, managed farms over the decades to reach normal rotations for the production of natural without chemicals in all areas of traditional agriculture – cycle crops with the so-called (Gum cultivating cycle).

Among agricultural products in 1999 were peanuts, 980,000 tons; sesame, 220,000 tons, (the third highest in the world after India and China), Hibiscus In past ten years Sudanese annual exports more than doubled to 23,000 tons (2001),Gum Arabic 511,860 tons the past 30 years.

Our products are all organic, free from any fertilizers, token from Sudan’s great agriculture lands and certainly are part of this huge production.

Products Certifications:

Certificate of Origin:

This certificate is issues and attested by the government of Sudan from Sudan Chamber of Commerceto assure that this product is certainly was grown in Sudanese lands.

Health (Phytosanitary) Certificate:

to certify that the products had been inspected and\or tested according to appropriate official procedures and are considered to be free from the quarantined pests specified by the importing contracting parties.

Certificate of Quality:

Issue from the Sudanese Standard & Metrology Organization , which is authorized from the government of Sudan to inspect and assure the quality of the products.

Fumigation Certificate:

Fumigation certificate proofs that the packing materials have been fumigated or sterilized. Certificates contain details such as purpose of treatment, articles concerned, temperature range used, chemicals and concentration used etc.

Inspection Certificate:

Inspection companies in Sudan are mentioned in the following file, please download it for more information

Inspection Companies

Products Documentation:

The company adheres to issue the following documents (*) in every order attached to each exported product:

Export Contract:

Is issued by our company (exporter), and will be sealed and attested by both Ministry of Foreign Commerce & Sudan Chamber of Commerce , and it will enclose all details of agreement such as quantities, prices, and all other term and conditions of the deal between the company (exporter) and its clients (importers), the L\C will be based and opened according to this contract circumstances.

Commercial Invoice:

Is issued by our company (exporter), and will be sealed and attested by both Ministry of Foreign Commerce & Sudan Chamber of Commerce.

Packing List:

The Packing List contains the complete list of all bags\cartons loaded inside the container, the total number of bags\cartons and weight of each.

Bill of Lading (B\L):

Issued by the carrier to the exporter, acknowledging that specified goods have been received on board as cargo for conveyance to a named place for delivery to the consignee

These documents will then be used by our clients (importers) to make the clearance of products in their local ports, and will be used by our company (exporter) to release the payments from advising bank.

(*) Any other document required by customers, except the above mention will be discussed and then stated in the export contract.

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Lead time
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Our Advantage

  • Supplying organic products
  • Supplying best quality worldwide
  • Products availability off season
  • Products analysis reports
  • Workable prices
  • Quick documentation process
  • Accurate and firm delivery time
  • Capability for long terms contracts
  • Staff of crops professionals


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